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Like all town of serranias, Santa Cruz de Andamarca has in agriculture one of her main economic activities, emphasize in this the culture of "the flat" Pope, habas, the maize, forage, etc.

This activity has been favored with the passage of the years, thanks to vision of a group of people who alla by year 1928 decided to construct a water channel, leaving it like inheritance for the new generations.


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The soul of the town is invaded by a new mystic, apparently is the year of a new destiny. The decision making begins. Mr. empowered BROWN JUAN like and Mr. MAURO HIGIDIO like receiver are chosen like authorities. In memorable assemblies of the first days of the month of January in a town hall, they put record, specially in its act books an agreement unanimously: Aperturar a breach of a drain by a place not even needed. Tremendous responsibility that I am called on to them to live to the authorities on that then, but it when seeing the faith and the decision of its comuneros, as true you lead of its town, lead them by the way of the action. And in a memorable assembly of the 22 of February of 1928 they decide to give beginning to the work, Monday 2 of April of the same year in quarterly form, contributing to each comunero one week of work by every date.

It is so it is decided to draw up a drain from denominated place HUINCUSHCANCHA, in the heights of laughed of the town of Baths. All knew the rustic thing the land, almost impossible to make a work of that magnitude; but in the semblante of the citizens the force of the faith mystic was expressed, who did not know the fear and the loss of heart. The drama united them but, they did not know the meanness; and it is so the dawn arrives from a Sunday 1 of April of 1928, with clear light and centellante the gray cloud of the winter disappeared leaving, passage to a blue sky, announcement of the summer. By then the waters of Lluvias-Bendicio'n of the sky, - they left our field with a verdor that seemed painted by pinceladas celestial that it remembered to us that I complete it that dies in the man is the hope. Trinar of the birds is listened to, has passed the worse thing. The children, old and the town and in general return to smile. The rebosantes animals of health by the abundance of grass. But taken care of, this is fleeting. They will return the black days of drought, hunger and death...

Thus, it arrives the 6 from May of 1928, is the first Sunday of the month.

Very morning, with first rays of light, repique of bell of the town is listened to and all go to the call of the town hall. Opened the session they enter to the debate on the construction of the drain to bring waters of the heights, they analyze the pro and the cons, finally arrive at the decision to do an outline from CHUCHURAQUINA, happening through HUARMIPUQUIO, CUSHUROCOCHA, CARNIJARCANA and TOCANCA; for which a commission names. Mondays 7 very early in the morning, leave to fulfill such assignment and dice the rustic thing of the propose route, becomes lost more or less to the height of HUARMIPUQUIO. Fatally east effort fails, loses a battle against the nature; but not therefore the war.

We already were on way of ours develops history, nothing or nobody could stop to this handful of men who conformed the community of farmers of the town of Santa Cruz. Again they glimpsed the idea to change of route in the outline of the drain and finally one concludes with the route of HUANTUSH, CARNIJARCANA, TOGRO, HUACAY, LAGUASPAMPA, CAYAMACHAY, UCRAY, RANYAJ, HUAMACHURCO, MACON, TOCANCA. Until our town. For such aim one remembers count on the advising of a specialist and one names the commission that contract the services of the engineer MONGE, who worked in the mines of ÑUVER and company (today SANTANDER), the named commission acts thus its as and return to the town with the new one, glad and contentments. After rendering its respective report, they wait for the arrival of the engineer, who had accepted such challenge.

Again the population, meets and comments, feeds itself and tonifica spiritually, sees the future with other eyes and thus they pass the days... the engineer does not become present. Finally, the last days of the month of June the mentioned gentleman appears and the town receives it with row, again the faith and the hope resurges seasoned, return to breathe calm; because now already the definitive decision is had, our town takes a step ahead.

The day after the arrival of the professional, very from morning they leave in the direction of CARNIJARCANA, all the community with desires to recognize as serious the task that was to touch to them. In the morning of Thursday 28 of June of 1928 the outline is begun from the frozen earth that is on the foot of snowed the Arpi and Leon Cocha culminating in the TOCANCA place.

After finished the outline they hoped in delayed TOCANCA at that those arrived all that were something. Minutes later listen to the instructions that the engineer distributes and he informs to them into the enormous work that hopes to them. Our comuneros listened dumb and engrossed, they do not whisper nor a word, reigns silence; but they seem souls of the other life. But the life by the sighs noticed that of short while in short while let save our comuneros, confused by the responsibility history that was called on to them to live. Others, slowly, returned the glance to observe the route of the outline of the drain and single were enormous rocky crags and some truely inaccessible points. Now, How to make the work? That challenge. But in the thought of all of them he was the one to follow ahead, to overcome the whim of the nature. Others appeased their preoccupation giving some tooted of the cigarette marks National and the distant spot the smoke was observed that was lost in clouds and taking with himself the pains and anguishes of our comuneros brothers. Thus the doubts disappeared arising in them the smile of conviction men who went way of the conquest to gain the fight against the nature. This becomes exciting when within the comuneros a estentórea voice is listened to that said Alive the Town of Santa Cruz, The construction of our drain lives, and with frenetic passion the applause was listened to and again the alive ones and will be continued listening by many years whereas the water that brought to us turns green again our town, our soul and our heart.

Already in the evening, after listening to the recommendation of the engineer MONGE, all they return from TOCANCA our town, contentments, glad and decided to everything. Afternoon it advances and the route from return to the town is extended. They undertake the return, they are grouped, they commented, they given alive and of short while in short while a health is listened to; they leave to shine the quarters of rum and the calientitos, prepared for the great occasions like this. Between toast and toast they were listened to melodías of some songs whose letters and notes attribute to Don Asuncio'n Towers, having said:



Siempre te canto crucinita,
al pasar por el puente,
siempre te veo lavando,
en esas agua turbulentas.


Mañana será otro día
ya no te veré lavando,
pero seguiré cantando
a ti linda crucinita


Ayayay... crucinita
rosa de mayo eres.
que bonita flor
solo por verte
la vida tendré.

Thus singing with joy, some times with weeping, see the dreams of a day, fact reality. Thus they arrive with the breeze at night at his dear town. They provide with accomodations in the best house engineer MONGE, the others go to his humble homes to notify to his relatives. Even tired, they are whispering in the souls of each one of them, the faith and the happiness from which better days will come and thus slowly they were given to La Paz of the dream.

On the following day, our authorities Mr. Brown Juan and Mr. Mauro Higidio, reunite to all in the communal premises to make the goodbye and to receive you complete recommendations of Monge engineer; in that brief ceremony words of depth meant on the part of our leaders are listened to and the town cheers and plenty of I rejoice, it makes an office to are of Yaravíes and beautiful huaynos; whose anonymous letters still last in the folklore of Santa Cruz. Before they return to his homes, decide to initiate the work a day Monday first of October of 1928.

On the following day, our authorities Mr. Brown Juan and Mr. Mauro Higidio, reunite to all in the communal premises to make the goodbye and to receive you complete recommendations of Monge engineer; in that brief ceremony words of depth meant on the part of our leaders are listened to and the town cheers and plenty of I rejoice, it makes an office to are of Yaravíes and beautiful huaynos; whose anonymous letters still last in the folklore of Santa Cruz. Before they return to his homes, decide to initiate the work a day Monday first of October of 1928.

Like he was customary of every year, each first of January renew the authorities. Tuesday is indeed a day first of January of 1929, that in a memorable assembly takes the historical slug the illustrious citizens: Mr. Víctor Espinoza and Mr. Ignacio Páez, men of high spirit and proven capacity. The town trusted them. The administration and the continuation of the work already begun, with brotherhood enthusiasm and will, reinitiate the excavation of all the sections where rocks did not exist; from TOGRO to UCRAY continuing the route of HUACAY and CAYAMACHAY.

He is pleasing to remember that group of people who are the our greater ones, with much tenderness and admiration, so that they placed the foundations of a great work that would give life to the town in the coming years. Because the sacrifice left in the work, with pain, hunger and thirst is eternal example for the new generations. Because in each section of constructed drain, the soul of them is present, who demand the same mystic to us, the force, the unit to obtain the transformation of our town. If, now we will return to journey by those places we will listen to the great echo of peñolerias having remembered to us in the language of the Gods and with great astonishment, delirious we would watch the epic that I am called on to them to live to the our greater ones.

Once it throws the excavations of the nonrocky parts arises a great problem, as to continue the work in the great rocks that were crossed in the route, from TOGRO to TOCANCA, dice to which the victim and points without access. For that time in which they were not counted on machineries and by little practices in this type of work, decide to contract a man which it had given sample to know this matter and to have the value and the will of executing them, we talked about an illustrious personage that is the gentleman MARKS JACAY, that together with its two children SAMUEL and ANTONIO JACAY, they like its father, noble of great heart, accept this great challenge, thinking about that tomorrow but late the drain, would lead the vital liquid, whose waters will bathe earth sedientas of our sementeras, to turn green again the plants and with it the soul of our town.

It is necessary to emphasize the conduct of the high moral in the performance of the work, of the mentioned family, since they demonstrated to great sacrifice and value. According to the witnesses count, worked hung defying the death, to penetrate the entrails of rocks and to fly them and of that form to take step to the man who advances, thus handspan to handspan every day was a test of hombría and seems that the death of as much making the rounds, retires ashamed of not being able to use its scythe before the greatness of these men. History remembered to them as protagonists of one develop heroic because they knew to win, breaking through, between gigantic rocky crags of TOGRO and to open the Earth entrails, to transform them into the great tunnel of CAYAMACHAY.

Similarly we must remember with great gratitude to Mr. JUAN CROSS, by the performance of its work. The mentioned gentlemen made possible, this sacrificed work, by the great perseverancia and self-denial that the leaders of the town characterized; as we could forget to the personality and the vision future, that tapeworm Mr. IGNACIO PAEZ and not except the señera presence of a proven capacity of Don VICTOR ESPINOZA to those who I am called on to them to live a difficult time; but with nobility they knew to surpass them.

Nor which to say of our comuneros that like anonymous heroes, cundaron with heroísmo the culmination of the work by that year, leaving opened the excavation until near UCRAY.

Thus the year finishes and the town prepares itself to celebrate the Good Night the day Tuesday 24 of December. In the atmosphere the conviction of a town noticed that advanced, since an assembly decides to assign to sections of 40 meters or piecework for the men and 20 meters for the women, the canalization and the care in the future. Later new sections of 17,5 meters were assigned, in general form by the land use in COLLCA of 20 drawn up Xs 20. These sections were in the low part.

It is necessary to remember that the our greater ones worked to temperatures of zero degrees and a height of 3200 and 4500mts.sobre the level of the sea, walking daily between 14 and 20 Kms.

By the inclemencies of the time. The veterans remained next to the work and youngest they returned to the town arriving between 10 and 12 at night and to return to the other 5 day to a.m. with food. The foods were with mazamorra of maize, wheat, Popes, olluco, mashua, pataches and stews. These sacrificed men, had an iron discipline, a respect by the their greater ones by the authority of their town, by itself, loved God by on all the things.


Wednesday first of January of 1930 is renewed the authorities. They are the new men who will direct the destiny of the town and the work, we talked about to gentlemen ISAAC FELIX and VICTOR the VARGAS, who with self-denial and conviction take the mandate in the construction of the drain. The excavation for the armed one of concrete was fundamental of the base of the channel, of the rocky parts difficult, by as much this it was a new test that appeared, so that in those times the cement was very little well-known and the stones for the base of the channel, had rolled to great distance and they did not have rectangular forms that were required for this case. In short, thousand difficulties, love of the distance that were of the town. In these circumstances it is when the conviction arises. The honorable society of the TWO OF MAY with great spirit of conscious fight of these natural difficulties sends to their better partners, to those who we honored ourselves in naming it:


Rita Casasola
Matiasa Zevallos


Juan Páez
Claudius Vásquez
Right Figueroa
Pantaleón Towers
Zevallos Robert
Idelfonso Casasola
Daniel Casasola

Other people existed, whose data are not known, but thanks to them, that they put the hands to the work, the work of canalization with lime begins sand and stone (MORTAR), stones on stones are joined in points difficult with pundonor and conviction that in the future, their children took the water that today costs sweat and sacrifice to them, given the dangerous conditions in which they worked.

By the magnitude of the work and in time required for it, they organize his camping in Togro, soon plan the construction of the famous FURNACE OF TOGRO, to burn the limestone stone or lime (nowadays he knows himself as I oxidize of calcium). It is a white, slight and alkaline substance, that mixed with the sand forms the mortar.

For the plan of the channel, also they obtained the hydraulic lime, that has the property to become hardened underneath the water. The furnace I delay six days in catch oning and thus one began to produce lime and with the carried stone one went constructing the channel in cascajosos sections until close to UCRAY

Every day, after the work in the afternoons, with last rays of light, they returned to the TOGRO camping and making circles around the furnace, they broke his coacquittal and among them it did not lack a fortune teller who asked the cocaine, to know the details of the other day, were frozen, then nights to the shelter of the heat of the furnace arose anybody with his calientito and in the great din of the conversation, by the emotion that he obstructed to them, Don DANIEL CASASOLA intoned the denominated song the TOGRO FURNACE and says asi.



Todas las tardes bajo la sombra
de esos peñascos,
sentado al abrigo de este horno
de cal y piedra,


Junto con mis compañeros
de trabajo,
lagrimas me van cayendo,
por ti crucinita.


Cual palomas mensajeras
vuelan mis recuerdos
para mi linda crucinita
que es flor de mayo y capuli.


Muy pronto vendré a tu lado
trayendo agüita limpia, cristalina
para que te laves tu carita
del polvo del camino.

The songs are manifestations of the soul, some times of pain and others of joy and these seem to be listened to nowadays in whispering of the wind, for the afternoons, when the star king hides his rays. But there, between the great rocks of TOGRO, is engraving the echo of those melodías, that made this work possible and were also recorded in the soul of the new generation of the men of our town, to perennizar the heroic action of the greater ones and to keep eternal gratitude to them, because a day they were sacrificed by us to have water in our town.

Asi spends the days... Certain Sunday which they rested of the work, Mr. IDELFONSO CASASOLA, communicates the other people that was going to look for its horse the denominated place HUAMICANCHA, land that belongs to the community of SANTA CATALINA, having to return to four of afternoon; thing which it did not happen, about which the group of people who were in the camping worried and the subscribed one about this history, had the opportunity to be those days helping in the necessities and memory that about the nine at night I am listened to an aid voice, very young - almost a boy Is pasmado. My similarly greater, soon we reacted and we ran to a corner that gave Vista to the low part of the way, where we observed a cave and pacche of water and to Mr. IDELFONSO, who mounted in his black horse and cuto, desperately struggled with something not known and the frightened horse leaves to galope and frees its master of a malignant being, whom in previous opportunities it had tried to drag other people. Half an hour later between the penumbra at night, it seemed to us to listen to ultratomb howls and threats, all we watched and we gave the reach to Don IDELFONSO, and asi, together, we returned to the camping not without before elevating a plegaria to the Gentleman, to request its protection and grace; then it seemed to us to listen to a moan of pain some soul in pain or the malignant one that retired without being able to do nothing against us. In short, I arrive a new dawn. It was Monday. We reinitiated our day, already habian several kilometers of works, needed other so many. On the other hand, our authorities, Don ISAAC FELIX and Don VICTOR VARGAS see the necessity to dam the HUANTUSH LAGOON, for it, is necessary to open a breach in the rock, which it was in the exit of the lagoon, that prevented the flow of the water towards outside, being necessary to outside open a rock of 20 meters towards and 10 meters inwards, from the designated points to raise the retaining wall, work that we must to the skill of the gentleman MARKS JACAY and their children to him SAMUEL and ANTONIO; made the breach, one begins the bases of the retaining wall, and directed by the masterful bricklayer Mr. RODRIGUEZ, friend of the town. Asi, with effort and much will, jointly, under a same idea, begins to be constructed the retaining wall, of three meters of height like average.

Asi finalizes the year. The town prepared itself to receive Passovers and the New Year. New authorities would come, new actions but the ideal and the spirit of fight would grow like the shades of the sun the west, at times of summer and I am transparent like the waters that flow of our beautiful springs and like fogs of the month of May


New Year of 1931. Thursday is a day; they meet in assembly to renew the authorities, that guarded by the destiny of the community the construction of the channel of the drain. A New Year glimpses, new efforts, new sacrifices, but a same ideal: to bring the water of the heights of HUANTUSH until SANTA CRUZ. It is as well as the town deposits the confidence in those personages, paradigms of the fulfillment of having to those who we honored in naming them: Mr. VIRGILIO FIGUEROA and Don CASIMIRO ROMERO, they remarkable citizens, with love and patriotism assume just as their predecessors the work that has advanced and with new impulses they lead to his town to the work with the motto: "To fulfill to have". He was therefore, which the dawn, the comuneros left to the work from the town to the work, with a farm fried, first in taking the tools were these worthy authorities, that they stimulated with the example and thus they make the reconstruction possible of the base of the drain from UCRAY, RANYAJ, UMACHURCOJ and MACON, and the canalization of the drain from LAGUASPAMPA to CAYAMACHAY, giving final finishing to the walls of represamiento of the HUANTUSH lagoon.

He tells himself that Mr. Virgilio intoned some songs born of the own work, in the solitary places of the LAGUASPAMPA lagoon. There am one of them here:



En esta noche claro de luna
te pido agüita de laguaspampa
que me acompañes en mi camino
para llevarte a mí pueblo


Busco tu surco, busca tu ruta
por el camino polvoriento
mata mi sed, mata mi hambre
agüita pura de laguaspampa


Cuando llegue a mi tierra
agüita limpia de laguaspampa
florecerán todas las flores
y a mi crucina, mis amores


Malaya la piedra liza
en que me resbale
habiendo nacido libre
solito me cautive

They are the songs that trasuntan the soul of the man mitigating their pain. They were understood that the saying that, the town that sings, town that prevails.

They count the our greater ones than the natural clock that had the comuneros, was the shade del sun when it as opposed to happened CARCAPATA, then stopped to work, the blankets were shaken shucuys and and undertook the return commenting the eventful journeys that had been called on to them to live, but with the idea, that some day the water would arrive at our town, everything would be compensated and asi intoning some melodías arrived al town between 9 or 10 from the night. They went tired to its modest homes, since the other day very early in the morning, would begin a new day.

That I illustrate men, who made of the perseverancia a superior feeling. That they loved the difficulty, that was prepared for the triumph until the final victory.

To be descending of those beings which all they gave in exchange for it, which they fulfilled with to have, in benefit of the future generations, is an honor. Of our responsibility to respect its memory and its example there; great how serious our earth if we emulated that heroic faith, full of hope and dignity leaving back envies it and practicing solidarity, between days of sun and others of rain.

It advances the work, the thirst already comes being appeased with the slope from the LAGUASPAMPA water. The vital liquid already approaches, towards earth sedientas of SANTA CRUZ, that gave but force and I animate them to follow ahead.

Thus the year of 1931 finishes all together ones yearning for the victory.


The town celebrates the coming of another New Year, is Friday first of January of 1932, the desicivo year. In the soul of the town, that great passion nested per years exists and that now resurges, because knows owner of its destiny, thanks to the heroic sacrifice of its own children. As he is customary they must be renewed the authorities and they are the gentlemen Don JUAN PAEZ and Don RUFINO HIGIDIO, egregias personalities that the administration takes to its control from the town and in special from the work from the canalization from the drain. In memorable assemblies they decide to execute the filling of the pedregosas parts of CALCHO CASASOLA, UMACHURCOJ, RANYAJ, UCRAY and MACON. Culminating with great success until TOCANCA, already the comuneros have acquired experience, but to this sum the force of will, precise of a good work that facilitates the technical manual. It is contracted Mr. FELIPE POMA of the town of Pirca like construction foreman. The same one which infected by the emotion it put all his effort, as it corresponds to a good neighbor. Asi spends the months, until the work is concluded until TOCANCA, being canalized the sections of CALCHO CASASOLA until TOCANCA, being a total of 7 Kilometers. Later in an assembly a day memorable Thursday of the 8 of December of 1932 remembers inaguracion the drain.


Very early in the morning of the 8 of December, all, great and small go to the TOCANCA end, for the civic act, the water already this in that site. To start off of nine and the average one the morning they were arriving our comuneros, young people and children confused and amalgamated in a frenetic emotion, the day was clear, the clouds retired giving to blue step al clear del sky, the Gentleman was with us.

Around the ten in the morning, the bailiffs announce arrived it from the authorities: Mr.s JUAN PAEZ and Don RUFINO HIGIDIO, accompanied by the padrino of the work Mr. BENARDO FLOWERS, neighboring notable of the town of SAN JOSE OF BATHS and a priest.

Around the eleven in the morning the mass in TOCANCA begins, with great emotion and withdrawal we whispered the oration giving thanks to the Gentleman, sunk of knees with much humility and in the soul we felt La Paz and to have fulfilled. Those that saw my eyes my heart and my mind cannot shut up because until stones, dumb witnesses serian eloquent of magna civic action so, that our town lived that day.


Full memorable day of I rejoice, after the mass around the one of afternoon, declares inagurado the drain with the name of "TAKING the CONCEIVED one", the town prorrumpe in alive, with frenetic shouts of winner, "guajis" characteristic were the musical note, the moved monk congratulates to all whatever are to its reach and by I complete all prisoners congratulate some spilled tears, in aim was indescriptible jolgorio, old men, women, children and, still touched the water incredulous, because the benefits knew to kindness that would bring. A little calms emotion, when they announce the words of the authorities of Mr. JUAN PAEZ and Mr. RUFINO HIGIDIO, personages of depth meant of our town, between lines of his verb left to traslucir greatness of our comuneros, that like simple laborers, acquired the experience of the construction foremen which they did not mezquinaron anything, gave all the best one with much affection.

Like being able to forget those moments, that they were prize to the sacrifice, the faith of a town in his destiny and for the example that they bequeathed to us. While that happened, a commission of comuneros and ladies prepared exquisite pachamanca that was offered by the town to all the presents between toast, hurras to the town of SANTA CRUZ, the authorities, the padrino and to the priest, pachamanca finishes and afternoon it advances then decide to use the old drain of TOCANCA, CASHI until SANTA CRUZ, returning to the town, but with the water. This it was the brilliant spark, all put hand to the work crossing and fixing part of the drain to avoid the flight and asi with the indescriptible fervor they take the water, like trophies of to have won to the nature. Serian around the 5 of afternoon, when they enter the town. And with joy they already see run the water by the streets, had been made a yearning, dream of a generation, incredulous still some removed shucuy and barefoot (gallachaqui), they danced on the water, others they took the water with its hands, taking to the face and raised its arms to the sky shouting: Thanks, Gentleman!

The water was already in the seat forming eddies that shone silver-plated with last sun rays, the parched streets, by effects of long droughts appeased its thirst, the children lay down water an a others and until venerable the old ones they forgot his excuse and frenetic they played with the water of his dreams.

East Historiar act, is short, to be able to interpret the enormous one this because others arrived at the delirium of the joy to shake themselves tirdos on the water What to do, that undergone town right tapeworm to live what it was occurring, met checking a post, sang and danced on the water had arrived the blessing "Sagrada Water", that you run by the streets of my town, tomorrow you will turn green again the sementeras and the panorama of my SANTA very fertile sera CRUZ, a piece of sky here in the Earth ".

The joy was great, some returned already to its homes. Serian that of the eleven at night, when the unlucky news arrives, the death of the gentleman MARKS JACAY, man of fight, that often it defied, to the death in peñolerias of TOGRO and CAYAMACHAY.

Today tribute to the nature rendered, that unjust was the destiny with, many were not noticed.

The 9 of very early December I communicate to the authorities and the whole town the sadness spreads itself, all ask itself that step, impotent before the cruel destiny of that man that I give its better moments of its life to the work, now lay inert; that irony, the threads of the life and the death habian layout the inexorable route, the whole town I cry.

Who was going to think that pachamanca and chicha ingested, the day of the inauguration, they serian the fatal cause.

But they are the new generations here that we needed to remember the feat of those men, who with the fertile work of their hands and the force of their heart overcame all difficulty, leaving us the example and the way drawn up to obtain the progress of our earth.

His body not side never, but memory of his spirit is recorded in cracks and to happen through those places, when we go to review piecework which it touches we, which astonished had left, that this we felt when being present at the magnitude of the work, there will be for always spilling the blessing of the water sagrada for our earth and the verdor of our panorama, the perfume of the May flowers and trinar of the small birds, sera the eternal gratefulness that offers the nature to its favorite creatures.

All work is effective when it exists planning, order, discipline and much action and mainly to have the faith in a future that sera different by the action from we ourself, asi like the our greater ones, they themselves were the protagonists of history.

This history finishes rising until my conscience and offering my greater oration, gratitude, recognition and my tribute for the our, sera little ancestry of my modest lines to sing with freedom of conscience, not by lack of affection nor of faculties but by the magnitude of the work that gave life, because it was the balsam which I mitigate the thirst of the pain and suffers to turn it a very fertile landscape, source of life.

Author: Mr. Pedro Fernandez Casasola (Q.E.P.D.)

We will always remember to the comuneros gentlemen who ofrendaron their work, in the construction of canalization of the "TAKING the CONCEIVED one".



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